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Established in 1932, the Sakal Media Group is the largest independently owned media business in Maharashtra. Headquartered in the educational and cultural capital of the state – Pune, the Sakal Media Group owns and operates newspapers and magazines in Marathi as well as English with a circulation across Maharashtra and Goa. The Group also has interests in digital media, event management services, commercial printing and also runs a regional television channel.

With a workforce of over 3500 and a vendor network that exceeds 25,000, the Sakal Media Group is a people-focused organization with an open and vibrant work environment offering scope for advancement and growth. Guided by the philosophy of ‘Social First’ all group initiatives are guided by their potential for social impact and transformation.

The Sakal Media Group believes that the role of media today has moved away from being an advocate of social causes to in fact being the facilitator or the agent of social change itself. Knowing that these transformations cannot happen in silos, the Sakal Media Group has taken the onus to bring together all the four pillars of democracy – the Executive, legislature, judiciary and media – under one umbrella to work together towards social and economic transformation. Recent group initiatives such as the Pune Bus Day, which galvanized 7 million citizens of Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad towards the shared concern of public transportation; the Tanishka Women’s Forum, a progressive network of women aimed at empowering women and enabling them to find solutions to issues affecting their communities or the Delivering Change program launched by the group to prioritise and provide interventions across key social and economic sectors are all evidence of the group’s stance of being the agent of social change.

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